Ice cream would be really nice now.. But it sucks that I had to be allergic to milk.

Reflecting on the things that happened to me on the first two months of the year, I can say that I am really stepping out of my comfort zone. Trials came and tried to knock me down, but here I am, standing firm because of His grace.

I don’t know if this is being shallow or what.. But I never really imagined myself away from sweets (ice cream, RSCs, baked goods) and cheese and the sort. Not to eat foods containing milk is really out of my cz. Albeit the hardship of choosing smartly what to eat (my diet’s a bit costly now, I had to avoid processed food as well and eat real food), I am still thankful that I got to know my allergies sooner. This could be a wake up call for me, it’s about time that I take GOOD care of myself. I’ve been so sickly lately and obviously it’s all because of my unhealthy lifestyle.

I believe things are happening for the fulfillment of His plan, for His glory. I may not understand it now, but I will soon.