Have you ever had one of those days where nothing all that monumental happens, but by the end of it you have no idea who you are or what the heck you are doing with your life? Do you ever have one of those days? -Robin (HIMYM)

Lately I’ve been contemplating whether I made the right decision or not. I keep on asking myself, “Is this worth the try? The effort? Or am I just wasting time and forgetting my priorities? Am I going to benefit something out of this?” I honestly can’t answer my own question.

“You get to lose some in order to gain some,” I remind myself always. But what if I’m losing more than what I gain? I feel like I’m missing a lot of opportunities out there just because of one decision. Such a bad decision maker and an impulsive person I am.

So here’s something nice I just read. Something for me and you to remember:

Sometimes our circumstances seem to come about by chance. We think, If I had made this decision instead of that decision, my life would be different. Or, If I’d been here instead of there, this wouldn’t have happened. While we cannot use this as an excuse for making poor decisions, we can have the confidence that nothing happens by chance. Take care of your responsibilities in a way that honors God, and He will work out His plan through you.

If you are struggling with the “what ifs” of life, put them aside. Be assured that God is working out His plan for you, and it won’t be by chance.

Since God is in charge, nothing is by chance.

Not by Chance by Woodrow Kroll

Things are bound to happen this way. Even if I thought that I made the wrong decision, still, He will lead me to victory. He will make a way out. I might belittle myself and think that I can’t make it because of my abilities, but He believes in me a lot lot more than I believe in myself. He sees more than what I see in me, and He knows that what He’s given me is enough to make something big.

God doesn’t require more than what we have. We just have to press on, do things with all our might, and let Him bless it.

And I quote MAE’s Skyline Drive, “Never giving up, always seeking light, we must always try, try with all our might.”